Weather & Seasons in Koh Phangan

The weather in Koh Pha Ngan is generally warm but varies from season-to-season. There may be rain and clouds at times, but tropical temperatures ensure that visitors do not usually feel cold.

Thailand has three quite distinct times of year and these are the cool season, summer and the monsoon season.


Cool Season in Koh Phangan

Although the cool season is technically winter on Koh Phangan, it is very rarely cold enough to justify the moniker. This season runs from late November until the end of February and the weather at this time is glorious with temperatures averaging 30°C, cloudless skies and gentle breezes.

The cool season coincides with Koh Phangan’s peak tourist months. Visitors arriving at this time of year will find that ferries on the whole chug through calm seas and that there is not the mugginess or cloudbursts common in the other two seasons. There may on occasion be a tropical downpour in December, but it rarely lasts so waterproofs are not necessary.

The clement weather at this time of year is a major tourism draw, but unfortunately prices increase with the rise in visitor numbers. But if you have unlimited cash to splash and don’t mind the crowds, this is the premium season for visiting Koh Phangan.

Summer in Koh Phangan

Thailand and Koh Pha Ngan’s summer stretches from March to June. This time of year can be extremely hot and humid and temperatures reach 40°C quite frequently. There is little rain and inland areas can become parched. Seas are generally calm, but low tides mean that beaches are rarely awash due to shallow waters.

The skies over Koh Phangan are sometimes cloudy in summer, although there is enough sunlight and UV rays to ensure that sun aficionados return home with a golden tan. Island residents slow down in summer or they would not be able to cope with the humidity and heat.

Visitors are never far from the sea, or hotel swimming pool, on the island and despite the fact that the weather is sticky in summer, a dip is the perfect way to cool off. Summer Koh Phangan weather ensures that visitor numbers are not high and some real accommodation bargains can be had.

Prior to the onset of the monsoon season, sometime in June, there are frequently pleasant sea breezes and occasional rainfall.

Monsoons in Koh Phangan

The main part of the monsoon season on Koh Phangan runs between July and September. This season does see a lot of heavy rain but, apart from the odd day with constant dowpours, cloudbursts rarely last longer than an hour or two. And the sight of a tropical thunderstorm is a memorable sight to behold for dramatic weather fans.

Once the rain has stopped the humidity all but disappears and everything feels and smells fresh. Prior to cloud build-up and immediately after the rainstorms there are usually clear skies alight with brilliant sunshine. Temperatures range from 27°C to 35°C. When it is not raining humidity can sometimes be high and so the storms are quite welcome when they come.

The monsoon season is a great time for a holiday on Koh Phangan as prices are considerably lower than the cool season, but there is a freshness in the air and abundant sunshine. The monsoon season sometimes lasts through to October, or even November, but the rains are not as heavy. The sea around the island can get quite choppy at this time of year so remember those travel sickness pills.