Baan Tai Travel Guide For Koh Phangan

Baan Tai beach is located between Haad Rin and Thongsala. Visitors can swim here between November and March but the rest of the year it becomes shallow and rocky, although there is great coral to be explored on the other side of the reef.

Ban Tai is home to a local fishing village and the ideal place to hire a long-tail boat for an island tour.

The coastline from Thongsala down towards Baan Khai is all lowland with has generally been used as a coconut plantation.

The beach runs for more than eight kilometres here, with only occasional breaks for streams and rivers that spring from the overlooking hills.

Baan Tai Guide – Serenity with Quality Hospitality

Baan Tai resorts and hotels are well spaced so you don’t get that crowded feeling as with Haad Rin, and finding a secluded spot to play ‘castaway’ is never that difficult. Getting to the more popular resorts is fairly easy, which makes staying at Baan Tai a good choice for those that want the best of both world – party and peace.

There is a good variety of restaurants in Baan Tai which range from the local places with plastic furniture in the town to plush affairs within the high-end resorts that pepper the beachfront. But getting into Haad Rin for a decent meal takes a matter of minutes and many establishments even offer free drop off/pick up.

There is a small local town with interesting marketplace in Baan Tai, and atmospheric photos can be taken of the local fishing boats unloading their catch on the pier at end of a long day. And while the tranquility of Baan Tai may not be to everyone’s tastes long-term, the superb snorkelling opportunities and high quality accommodation choices will keep many people coming back here year after year.