Chaloklum Bay Travel Guide For Koh Phangan

Chaloklum is home to the island’s largest fishing village and was traditionally a safe harbour for boats seeking refuge in its bay.

The quiet beach is about 4kms long with the fishing village in the centre. You can swim from December to March in most parts of the beach, and enjoy wondering through the village and watching the fisherman on their long tail and larger wooden vessels wrapped with brightly coloured blessings year-round.

By virtue of Chaloklum’s fishing heritage, there is a wealth of cheap Thai restaurants serving the day’s catch including fresh fish and quid straight off the boat. But the area is getting a bohemian edge to it with some chic bars opening, including Café Del Mar, and a number organic-style eateries.

Chaloklum Bay Guide – Fishing Village with Rustic Charm

There are a few temples of note nearby including a Chinese Buddhist shrine which boasts Jaomae Kuanim sculptures which are supposed to bring good luck to devotees. It can be found south of the Chaloklum Bay Resort on the hillside overlooking the bay.

Nearby Paradise Waterfall is a party venue situated by one of the bigger waterfalls on Koh Phangan. Recently refurbished with a well-stocked bar and restaurant, every Friday hundreds of revellers come to pound the dancefloor to trance and techno beats.

There are a few decent waterfalls within easy reach of Chaloklum Bay, with the Phaeng, Wang Sai and Paradise cascades all accessible via marked trails. But Khao Ra, the island’s largest peak at 627m, offers awe-inspiring vistas of the marine park and Koh Tao beyond. But remember to take plenty of water and leave enough time to get all the way back down before the sun sets.

The marine national park is just three kilometres away from here which makes it one of the Thai Gulf’s best scuba diving spots, with reef sharks, turtles and a huge variety of marine life on show. The north of Koh Phangan has become much more accessible since the northwest ring road was finished and the track to Had Khom bay was paved over, and so getting to Chaloklum Bay is now extremely easy.