Full Moon Party Music Guide

If you take a walk along the Full Moon Beach you will hear trance, psy-trance, techno, rock, drum n’ bass and many more styles of music, depending on the bar and their resident DJ. As the party gains worldwide fame more well known international DJ’s are coming to excite the crowds, usually advertised around Haad Rin before the party.

Trance was the music of choice when the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party first began in the 1970s, and it is still the most prevalent genre on offer today. However, there has been a move away from this homogeneous flavour in recent years and a growing number of establishments are actively moving away from the trance party in order to stamp their own particular brand on proceedings. And so we’ve listed the main Haad Rin Full Moon Party music venues so you can plan your night without any surprises.

Where to Hear What Music at the Full Moon Party

The Rock
As one of Haad Rin’s best places to relax and get a view of the entire beach in full swing, this elevated venue offers awesome cocktails and chilled, funky tunes.

Paradise Bungalows 
This is where the original Full Moon Party began and Paradise remains one of the biggest and most consistent venues with a crazy show of fire-eaters, acrobats and awesome progressive dance tunes. Not to be missed!

Drop In Club Resort
Always packed all through the month, Drop In has developed a place in Full Moon Party folklore as the classic venue to enjoy more mainstream tunes including hip hop, house, RnB and anything from the charts. Happy people all around!

Zoom Bar
Zoom Bar is a small psychedelic trance venue which packs in a dedicated crowd of dance fanatics who are amongst the island’s most intense revellers. Grab a space to boogie and watch the hours fly by!

The Cactus 
The Cactus is a stalwart of the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party music scene with mainstream tunes such as RnB, hip hop, pop and commercial dance popular with the backpacker crowds.

Mellow Mountain 
When the bedlam all gets too much, Mellow Mountain is the perfect place to head. Gain a little clarity with a fresh fruit smoothy and relax those aching limbs on comfortable cushions.

The Lounge 
Not a mainstay on the Full Moon Party music scene, this Haad Rin bar is much quieter but still great fun for a few drinks.

Live music at this rock music bar in Haad Rin with favourite pop classics perfect for those that have had their fill of trance and just want to sing along.

Vinyl Bar
The Vinyl Club is another slightly larger psychedelic trance venue with a smattering of techno on its enormous sound system. A less intimate experience than Zoom Bar (above) it has much to offer the buzzing raver.

The Orchid
As the only drum n’ bass venue on Haad Rin, the Orchid will always have a special place in the Full Moon Party music scene. on Quality jungle, breakbeat and dubstep can be found here although it rarely gets packed out at other time of the month.