Health & Safety – Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

Watch out for drink spiking and go easy on the ultra strong buckets. It is a common problem for Full Moon Party safety. Guys and girls have woken up in situations they don’t remember getting into, so use your common sense.

The FMP has a reputation for drugs which is only matched by its reputation for under cover police officers.

Enormous fines and long prison sentences are a real danger. Like any large party it’s good to set a meeting point for your friends as you are bound to lose each other in the crowds. Thai police have also been known to force urine tests and are working to meet their monthly “quota” or arrests.

If you plan to get drunk at a party, make sure you have arranged reliable transportation beforehand. The roads of Koh Phangan are nothing to mess around with, and too many revellers attempt to drive home intoxicated because they cannot find a taxi. If nothing else, it’s better to find a safe spot on the sand and sleep it off before heading home.

Take as few belongings as you can and keep valuables safely locked up in the hotel or guest-house safe. There are also lockers available in Haad Rin travel agencies which are a good idea to be sure of being safe. Avoid taking a bag as they are easily lost in the crowds.

Watch out for broken glass (wearing closed shoes instead of flip-flops is often advised) as countless beer and Sangsom bottles get crushed on the beach and accidents are constant.

Keep in mind if you go swimming that lots of people couldn’t make it to the toilets! Lots of the toilets in venues get backed up under a deluge of deposits so don’t leave it until the last minute before finding the nearest convenience.

Try to be respectful of the locals who put up with enormous amounts of drama every month. If you run into difficulties contact the tourist police. Common sense is the best safety measure. Then you can go and have fun. Always walk away from any potential conflict with locals and do not return to the spot that night, as violence is common.

Emergency Contacts

Fire – Tel:  199
Tourist Police – Tel: 1155
Police – Tel: 191