Haad Rin Travel Guide For Koh Phangan

Famed for its monthly party, Haad Rin is comprised of two main beaches, nicknamed sunrise and sunset and located on the southeast tip of Koh Phangan.

The main party action happens on sunrise beach also known as Nok, which is the main chill out beach in the day with travellers enjoying year round swimming and an endless supply of bars, restaurants and shops.

The main town connects the two beaches and is a mini metropolis to support the huge numbers of holidaymakers that flood in every month.

There are plenty of travel agencies, banks, ATMs and convenience stores everywhere so finding anything you may require is absolutely no problem.

Haad Rin Guide – Full Moon Parties on the Beach

While Haad Rin Nok bay itself was once a gorgeous sweep of soft white sand with tranquil lapping water and a melee of gleaming Phytoplankton, it has become enormously overdeveloped in recent years.

Visitors here will find jet skis (be extra careful with touts who extort money) and hundreds of sunbathers, volleyball courts and beach soccer enthusiasts all enjoying the sun and waiting until the evening party. Haad Rin Nai (Sunset Beach) is much more peaceful but the sand is not as fine and the bay not as pretty. The accommodation is more reasonably priced here, however.

No one should come to Haad Rin expecting an authentically Thai experience, but those that want a party and don’t want to moralise about ‘paradise lost’ will certainly have a fantastic time partying till they drop here.