Haad Rin Restaurants & Bars

Japanese sushi, Mexican fajitas, Israeli delicatessens, British pub grub, you name it – Haad Rin has it all. There’s even the famous Chicken Corner with its fried poultry stand and numerous street hawkers serving pad thai and fried rice specialities. For sushi, head to Joy-Sushi and for great Thai food and ‘no-trance- allowed’, Same Same is a classic old school favourite.

Haad Rin restaurants have the most diverse range of food on Koh Phangan by far, although sometimes service is a little below-par as a result of the rather transient nature of the holidaymaking crowd here. Long-standing favourites who take pride in their cooking are listed below, but chefs and proprietors change season-to-season so ask around when in town.

Recommended Haad Rin Restaurants & Bars

Nic’s Restaurant & Bar
NIC’S Menu offers various dishes. From Thai classics to real Italian Pasta and freshly-baked wood-fired pizza plus real Spanush Tapas. And the eclectic menu can be all washed down is ice cold beer, wine or Sangria.

All the Japanese classics are served here with aplomb including delicious tempura prawns, maki rolls and quality sashimi. They also prepare a selection of Thai classics, seafood, steak and pasta as well.

Reggae House
Situated on the quieter Sunset Beach to the west, this unassuming Haad Rin restaurant pumps out the reggae classics along with a limited selection of top draw Caribbean favourites.

As one of the best Mexican restaurants in Haad Rin, Bamboozle is always packed with chilled groups of patrons rubbing their heaving bellies after delicious places of fajitas, enchiladas and organic salads. Come here before a party and start the night with an authentic mojitos or catch the Sunday football on the big screens.

Monnalisa Italian Restaurant
This Italian-run Haad Rin restaurant is all about quality food prepared with first rate fresh ingredients, so you can forgive the proprietors if the decor is a little tired. And when after the pastas, pizzas, desert, coffee and wine have all been consumed you’ll feel top of the world.

Same Same
Run by the same Swedish expats who established the namesake cooking school Western favourites such as burgers, steaks, pizza, nachos and European sausage are prepared with consummate attention to detail. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Om Ganesh
Northern Indian cuisine such as delicious parathas and naan breads stuffed with heavily-spiced meat curries. There are a selection of thali set menus which are sure to fill the most hardened chilli fiend along with a selection of cooling lassis for putting the heat off.